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Now every time I looked at my daughter, I kept picturing her with a cock in her mouth spewing cum into it. The thing was my incestuous desires slowly began to take over. I didn't stop there with sneaking a camera into her room once. I did it every time I knew she was having a guy over. Also, I did not erase any of these videos; I began to make a collection of my daughters blow jobs on my own DVD. I finally acknowledged my incestuous lustful desires for my daughter when one night while watching my compilation of Becki's blow jobs, I began to jack off.

As I jacked off, I was thinking that it was my cock she was sucking!

I felt so dirty for doing that but it was the best and largest cum load I ever had! Now that my lust was out in the open, I took it one step further. Now I found a place to put the camera in her bathroom facing the shower. I had to see her naked, I had this burning desire to see my daughter naked since she never fucked any of the guys she brought home; she just gave them great blow jobs.

That video I was even more anxious to watch. I gave all the kids money to go out so I could quickly download and watch that one. I of course sat at my desk naked; my cock was fully erect even before I started to watch it. I watched with such burning incestuous lust as my daughter walked into her bath room.

My heart was racing as I watched her undress. I nearly blew my load at what I saw! Her tits were even bigger than I thought, somewhere in the D range. She had such a hot body, a great ass, a shaved pussy. I watched her tits bounce around as she got in the shower and then wildly stroked my cock as I watched her drying herself off. Then to my shock and delight I watched as my daughter finger fucked herself!

Needless to say I jacked off while watching my naked daughter playing with herself. Then I re-watched my secret, incestuous video and jacked off again.

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This went on for a couple of weeks sometimes my daughter would finger herself, sometimes she didn't. Twice she did bring a dildo with her into the shower and bathroom and I watched her fucking her pussy with it.

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Oh yes my thoughts did go right to wishing the dildo was my own cock! She even fucked her ass with the dildo. My daughter seemed to be into everything and was blowing the best cum loads of my life watching my secret videos of her. One day I knew she was having one of her guys over; I knew of course she was going to give him a blow job. I waited a while until I had a good feeling she was sucking cock. I don't know why I did what I did, well I guess I did know, I wanted my cocked sucked by my daughter. I went up to Becki's room and opened the door.

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I caught her with the guys cock in her mouth. The guy freaked out. I had never seen a guy move that fast to get dressed and run out of the house. My daughter on the other hand did not seem at all bothered.

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Why didn't you knock? You didn't come in here for nothing. You come in here, invade my privacy and then you don't want anything; bullshit. You were hoping your own daughter would suck your cock, you incestuous pervert. Then my daughter went over to where I hid the camera. She grabbed and handed it to me.


Did you think I would find it or the one you have in my bathroom. How long? She threw at me and said, "I guess you didn't think I would fucking find these either? Have you been jacking off to them? She quickly pulled my sweat pants down, my cock was still hard and it popped right up. Becki grabbed my shaft and looked up at me. But then I thought about you sitting here, jacking off and it was so dirty, so wrong, it turned me on.

Are you ready to have your cock sucked by your daughter? Her tits bounced around a bit and fuck did they look great up close! What size are your tits? Do you like big tits dad? She purposely slid my cock between her tits, oh what a fucking great feeling! As I looked down I could not believe I was watching my hard cock sliding between my own daughters tits! My daughter grabbed my throbbing, pre cum oozing cock and gave it a few long, slow licks.

I felt like I was going to blow my wad right then and there! But when you are ready to cum, tell me. I want to watch you jack off into my mouth. Is that ok? Becki went right to work sliding my cock into her mouth. I let out a loud, lustful moan of approval. My daughter moved her mouth quickly up and down my shaft, sucking hard as she went. As my cock was in her mouth, she snaked her tongue all over my throbbing shaft and really worked the sensitive area just under my piss slit.

You give the best head ever! I love giving head so I get a lot of practice. I love how if feels in my mouth, on my tongue, going down my throat or just on my body. I placed my hand on her head as it bobbed up and down on my shaft. Suck it! Suck your fathers cock.

Make your dad cum in your mouth. Oooh yeah Becki I will freely admit that I did not last long, maybe a couple of minutes before I had to cum. I know it was a combination of my daughter being so good at giving a blow job and the fact it was my daughter! I'm not kidding Ooh yes I'm gonna fuck'n cum now!

Nikki a finds her dog Enzo to be quite the turn on, then her father joins in

I quickly grabbed my prick and began to stroke it. It blew my mind looking down at my daughter with her mouth wide open, her tongue sticking out, waiting for me to cum in it! It took maybe three of four strokes on my prick before my cock erupted like a volcano spewing my hot, sticky cum all over my daughters' face. I took my free hand and placed it on my daughters head, tilting it back a bit.

Oh fuck It felt great and looking even better splattering across her face! I watched it land on her tongue and splatter in the back of her throat. I could not believe how much more I kept cumming! Spurt of after spurt blew out of my cock and I enjoying coating my daughters mouth, tongue, lips and chin with my hot, sticky wad.

When I was done my daughter took a big swallow of all the cum I gave her. Then she went wild sucking my prick dry of the remaining cum. When she was done sucking my cock, she it pop out of her mouth. I never had a guy cum that much! She took her cum covered fingers and sucked the cum off of them. I was beyond horny now. I had such deep seething; dark incestuous lustful thoughts that I was going to live them all out right then and there.

I stood up and pulled my daughter up with me. She still had the cum across her face as I bent down, grabbed her massive tits and I began to wildly lick and suck on her tits! She let out a loud moan, "Oh yes daddy! Suck my tits! That only made me suck her tits harder! She moaned like a little slut!