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If additional time is required, the court will be notified, in writing, of the circumstances that require the delay. In the absence of a required time frame, the production response will be completed in the same manner as any other ordinary records request.

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All subpoenas will be forwarded to the Legal Department for action. When appropriate, information resources will be provided to enable the requestor to assemble or compile their own reports or data. If providing this information requires excessive staff time and other resources, these costs will be borne by the requestor in the same manner as prescribed in item 4. These shall remain confidential and exempt from disclosure without a proper Court Order and an opportunity for the City to object, appeal and have all appeals concluded.

There is no charge to inspect records that are routine in nature and require nominal clerical time to locate or provide minimal supervised inspection. Extended supervision cost and time scheduling will be based on an individual basis.

For each additional copy of the report, there will be a 25 cent fee applied. Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents. They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below.

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Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Jump to subpage In general, those with domestic violence restraining orders, documented mental illness, or felony convictions are ineligible to own or possess carry a gun, all of which are determined through background check Alabama.

A background check and criminal history report in Alabama both include detailed arrest records of any digitized state records.

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These display information such as:. These include, but are not limited to, arrests for drug and alcohol related crimes, domestic violence, battery, and rape. The only crimes excluded in an Alabama background check or criminal history report are expunged crimes or crimes an individual committed and was prosecuted for as a minor. Alabama background checks are not as up to date or complete as criminal history reports.

If an individual receives an incorrect result from an Alabama criminal history report, that person may submit a challenge or an appeal to the ALEA Criminal Records and Identification Unit.

So is it really possible to do a Free Background Check using government agencies.

Those convicted of felonies in Alabama and other states carry with them a stigma that pervades many aspects of everyday life, from discrimination in employment to losing eligibility for subsidized housing to rejection for military service to denial of gun ownership. Check your Alabama criminal record on this site to verify its accuracy. The state allows some nonviolent misdemeanors and felonies to be removed from your record so that an employer or other authority reviewing your background report may not see it it will still be visible to law enforcement officials.

For more information on how to expunge your record, see. Background Check in Alabama Sophie Wright.

This is a free but unofficial search of state records that includes information such as: Arrest records. Vital records. Property records.

Background check records such as bankruptcy records and places of residence. Some records are excluded from these unofficial state background checks all together including: Juvenile incarceration. Federal incarceration. County jail incarceration.

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The Alabama Public Records Law is actually a series of laws. It was originally passed in and last amended in These laws ensure every person in Alabama access to court and other public records including vital records, court records, criminal records, and bankruptcy information. ABC is a monthly subscription service. Only employers may subscribe, and there are penalties for the public trying to use the system. In Alabama, unlike other states, it is legal for an employer to turn you down for a job based on your background check.

It is also legal for an employer to ask about prior criminal convictions on the job application before the interview stage. Firearm Background Checks Alabama. In Alabama, it is only necessary to get a criminal background check for a firearm if the applicant is seeking a concealed carry firearm permit. This is only for a pistol. It is not legal to conceal a large firearm.

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Criminal Laws and Statistics in Alabama. The number of violent crimes recorded has risen by about 2, to over 20, per year from Cybercrime in Alabama. Sexual predators, prostitutes, child porn peddlers, and scam artists largely operate online these days, increasing the caseload for some local police by per month.

Some cybercriminals are even capable of cracking bank security systems and withdrawing millions of dollars — or getting through high-tech firewalls and stealing reams of client identities, business secrets, and other data.

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Driving Records. If operating a company-owned vehicle is part of your job, your state driving record will also be reviewed to determine your eligibility. Those with multiple DUIs , license suspensions or frequent moving violations are unlikely to be given the responsibility of operating vehicles or equipment.

Auto insurance companies also use driving records to set annual rates. Your Alabama record, which includes incidents in other states, can be requested here.