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Moving Forward with a Criminal Record in New York State: Criminal Records (Part 1)

Andrew Cuomo in July, removes criminal penalties for possession of less than two ounces of marijuana. Cuomo said the bill is a "start of a new chapter in the criminal justice system" and is long overdue. NY governor signs legislation further decriminalizing marijuana use.

New York Consolidated Laws, Public Health Law - PBH §A | NY State Senate

More than , convictions in the state from the late s through mid-June of this year will be sealed and 24, people will no longer have a criminal record, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services spokeswoman Janine Kava told CNN. But on Wednesday, New York began the process of expunging many of those records, as part of a new state law to reduce penalties associated with marijuana-related crimes, a spokesman for Gov.

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Cuomo confirmed. Cuomo said in a statement. Under the new law, which was passed in June and took effect on Wednesday, about , people with marijuana convictions in the state will have those convictions cleared from their record, according to a spokeswoman for the State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Of those people, 10, people with convictions in New York City will have no criminal records in the state, the spokeswoman said. In the rest of the state, an additional 13, people will have no criminal records in New York once these convictions are wiped from their record, the spokeswoman said.

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A method for expunging the records, which has never been done in New York, is still being developed, the officials said. The Drug Policy Alliance, a nonprofit group, said the number of people who would have their records cleared could be many times higher than the number cited by the state; the alliance cited figures showing that between and , , arrests were made in New York State for low-level marijuana offenses.

Previously, such possession was a Class B misdemeanor. Khalil A.