How can i find someone on facebook

My other friends deserve the best of me. For every old friend you cling to, it takes up the space that a new friend, one more compatible to your current situation, could be residing in. However, I do believe that if it becomes clear the relationship is not helpful to either person in any way, than it is best to release them, freeing them up to seek a more beneficial pairing elsewhere. You are wounding yourself, pretty egregiously I might add.

While at the same time, you are not expressing to the other person that they have desires, viewpoints, and interests that you no longer share. Your post really rang true for me.

How to friend someone on Facebook

From Bishop Kincaid on April 02, :: pm. Thank You. From uday on September 30, :: pm. It will also give you data like how many likes, comments,mutual friends and chats your friends have done with you. It will also tell who all have removed you. A perfect website to filter your friends on the basis of interactions. The posts above tell you what to do instead of unfriending someone and that it will not show up in my newsfeed. But does my post s show up on their wall and if so, then what do i do? From Josh Kirschner on November 16, :: pm. You can set your privacy settings for each post to either be Public, Friends only or Custom.

Custom will let certain people see your posts, but not others. So you can share with friends, but exclude Bill, for example. You can set this on a per post basis, or set as a default in your privacy settings.

I dont want all my friends not to be seen just some. Maybe they have stuff on their page, i dont want family to see etc. Is there anyway to let everyone except certain people appear on friend list.

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From Josh Kirschner on August 10, :: am. Privacy settings apply to your entire friends list, not individual friends. Also, even if you hide your friends, people may still be able to see them. I remember being able to just hide people and posts, but now I have to go through an 8 to 10 step process to get rid of annoying posts.

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The problem with this, its time consuming and often makes me wonder if this or that person is even worth having as a friend in FB. Even if you unfollow someone and add them to your Restricted list, although that will reduce or eliminate what you see from them, it will not affect what they see from you when they visit your profile on a regular basis because they are stalkers or information collectors. Bottom line is, when it comes to nosy people who REALLY want to know what you are up to, no combination of privacy filters can substitute unfriending.

It then becomes an issue of making a decision and doing something uncomfortable. The only way the person will not know you unfriended them would be if you had no interaction with them on fb or in real life and not related. I noticed two people unfriended me.

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  7. How to find friends on Facebook.

We had mutual fb and and work friends, and work together sometimes. So I noticed their responses to others posts so it was noticeable. And the screwy thing is the last time I saw them and I notice this, it feels like they are two facing me. But I want to get over it. I only unfriended one person in my fb life for something very disturbing. Usually, I just unfollow or hide all their posts if it annoys me.

I think that Facebook needs to have options that reflect reality. Not all are at the same level and not all would I give the same attention to. Some people I rarely ever see - I would consider those more of acquaintenances.

How To Block Someone On Facebook [12222 – Updated]

But I still want to keep the door open to chat, etc. Others, I might talk to periodically or even go to coffee with now and then. These I would call casual friends. We may share values, have worked together, or even been close before and have now gone separate ways. Seeing their feed all the time may also feel forced or awkward and does not reflect our level of friendship. But we still want to stay in touch - just not as often.

I think Facebook should reflect these different kinds of relationships. Remember, a relationship is something you build over time. From Josh Kirschner on March 27, :: pm. For each friend, click on the Friends box next to their name to bring up options for tagging. Leave a Comment Here.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Facebook

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Techlicious editors independently review products. Sometimes being the best friend you can be, is by being no friend at all. Dear friends, The posts above tell you what to do instead of unfriending someone and that it will not show up in my newsfeed. Our Latest Reviews. New Articles on Techlicious. How to Find Archived Webpages. We have all had to accept Facebook friend requests from people we'd rather not share intimate details of our day-to-day lives with, whether that's your boss, a slightly creepy acquaintance, or even your mom.

Did you know you could set up a "restricted" list on Facebook that prevents list members from seeing content you deliberately make public? We had a look at how to create and manage such a list so that you can stay Facebook friends with someone without letting them see every single little activity you get up to. Head to the Facebook profile page of the person you want to add to your restricted list.

How to know who stalk/visited your facebook profile

Click on the "Friends" drop-down box that appears at the bottom right of their cover photo. Select the option "Add to another list. Now, click on the "Restricted" setting that appears on the next menu. This should enbolden the text and put a check mark next to it. Now, when you next post content, you can decided whether you want it to be public content or just for the eyes of your Facebook friends. To change this privacy setting as you post, click on the drop-down box at the bottom of your pending post and select the option that suits your content.