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At Hamlins, we believe cyber security is so much more than a technology issue. It needs to feature at a much higher level within your organisation, as part of the overall business strategy.

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We can advise on steps to take to minimise the risk of cyber attacks, through to how to contain a live cyber crisis. Disputes can disrupt the natural flow of business, cause stress and anxiety and take up valuable financial resources and management time. Litigation can have a direct impact on productivity and finances and can be an unwelcome distraction. At Hamlins our intellectual property specialists have the technical knowledge and expertise to help you structure, maintain and develop your intellectual property rights.

Hamlins Lender Services Department has an enviable reputation in the lending industry. Hamlins have been advising media and entertainment businesses for decades, offering cutting-edge expertise across the industry sectors and legal developments that affect them. We are recognised experts and have a wealth of experience in all areas of the media mix. Our Real Estate Team has the experience to help you complete your property deals efficiently and cost effectively. View the overview page. Joint Ventures Licensing Outsourcing.

Cyber Crisis Cyber Security Audit. You can learn exactly how to setup and optimize it in my step-by-step guide to setting up Google My Business. If you do not have a listing then you will NOT show up in the local pack.

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In case you forgot what the local pack was, here it is again below:. The order is primarily based on the distance between the searcher and the business but a number of other factors come into play as well such as number of reviews, quality of reviews, your selected categories, backlinks, local citations, and a lot more.

Ensure you categories are properly assigned and that your business description includes your primary keywords but in a coherent and easily readable manner.

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  • Reviews are critically important to local SEO. Ensure you have a process in place to solicit reviews from your clients and keep an eye on them in the event anyone leaves you a bad review. It will only make you look like an ass. They are the profiles your business has on websites like FourSquare, BrownBook, etc. There are thousands of directory listings out there…. It will all be for naught if you do not have quality content on your site.

    Do not go create content blindly either. The sheer amount of shit content I have encountered while crawling thousands of websites is staggering. I think people just put out content just to feel like they checked that box. Think about all of the websites you have visited.

    Which ones really made an impact on you? Some websites may have a very appealing design but do you still visit them every week? Which sites are you still visiting consistently? My content is the foundational upon which my business is built. It serves as the gateway for visitors to find me on the web and potentially become leads and customers. For the love of God do not make a blatant sales pitch on your informational pages. Do not underestimate the additional leads a well optimized informational piece of content can net you.

    Most of you know this already but many state BAR associations have regulations regarding the rights of the public and advertisers when it comes to marketing for legal services. As a general rule you should avoid the following:.

    That being said, we still want to use our primary high-volume keyword in strategic points throughout the page:. I like to use statistical analysis on the top 10 organic pages by finding correlations for keyword usage, structure, and a few dozen other factors to inform my decisions. One of the primary things SEOs have to do in order to increase the organic traffic a website receives is building backlinks to it. Asking for a link to a sales page puts us in the same category as those folks. They care about what you can do for them. The easiest way for you to create content that people will want to link to while simultaneously establishing your authority in your profession is by supplying information content to curious searchers at no cost.

    Aim for comprehensive content.

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    Our general guideline is to aim for words minimum. The folks in my industry do this shit as well:. What are the odds that someone is going to believe me when I tell them my service is worthwhile and important? And that should be your goal. Every piece of content should aim to help the reader in some way. I worked with a divorce attorney that had excellent content and his search traffic backed it up. His content ranked for keywords like:. This is the best kind of content that can capture potential leads very early in the marketing funnel.

    You can leverage this by retargeting these visitors with advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. Retargeting visitors with ads whenever they search for a term later in the funnel can dramatically increase your conversion rate. Backlinks are still the primary variable that will get your page to the first page of the Google search results.

    There is a clear correlation between referring domains and the search traffic a website receives. If you limit yourself to producing content that is only relevant within your state you will simultaneously limit your link building prospects as well.

    The Truth About Legal Directories

    Links to the no fault state meaning page, or any informational page for that matter, help raise the overall authority of your domain. Link building is tedious but it is necessary if you want to solidify your ranking position for the long term. We use ahrefs to identify backlink opportunities for our clients. If they say something about their methods being proprietary I would start hearing alarms. You can craft the perfect anchor text that links back to one of your pages I suggest linking to an informational page and leverage the authority of the host website to add to your authority.

    You can derive as many different advanced search operations as you want or you can use Ahrefs Content Explorer tool to do the same thing. Enter a word or phrase into the Content Explorer search box and it will generate a list of pages that mention that keyword. You can set all sorts of filters on the too such as stipulating that the keyword must be in the title of the page and much more.

    Do not outsource this to someone in the Philippines. You can outsource it to an agency but make sure they have strict standards for guest posting.

    SEO for law firms.

    Instead, we identify the topic, lay out a bit of structure, then find someone with legal credentials usually another attorney or judge to write the content within our framework. Forget doing press releases. If you want to generate a good backlink and traffic then reach out to you local news organizations. If you offer to write some guest content for them for free they will often take you up on the offer.

    The fees are typically fair and our local news often needs the money more than local law firms do.

    More reasons why you’ll love working with us.

    Nothing is free in the world of marketing. That holds true for SEO as well. Get ready to put in months of work just to begin seeing the needle noticeable move. In the meantime, you can use Google Search Console to measure your visibility on the search engines using their Impressions metric. If you have a subscription to ahrefs, you can view your overall site visibility by viewing the Organic search tab of the Overview report.

    You can view the organic traffic your website is receiving by opening up Google Analytics and navigating to the Channels report filtered by Organic Search. You can do that by segmenting your Landing Page content by organic traffic. Remember when I said the primary goal of an SEO campaign was to increase qualified lead generation for the law firm? While I have attempted to provide in-depth and actionable content, this guide is by no means comprehensive.