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GIS Maps. To better assist you, we recommend that you first complete our Client Inquiry Form. Our Camden County Divorce process if simple, fast and affordable. You will not find a better process for completing an uncontested divorce in Georgia. But, if you are considering divorce, try to work out your differences with your spouse.

However, if you cannot, our Camden County uncontested divorce process can save you time, money and stress. Kings Bay.

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Because there is a major U. Navy installation in Camden County, we handle a substantial number of military Camden County uncontested divorce cases every year. These are sometimes called a Navy divorce. A military divorce is for active duty or retired military service members or their spouses. Our uncontested divorce process works well with a military divorce case as well as a civilian uncontested Camden County divorce.

Using our process, a military uncontested Camden County Georgia divorce costs the same as a civilian uncontested divorce. If you need a Navy divorce in Camden County, just click here to get started. Typically, in a Camden County uncontested divorce, if you are represented by an attorney , you do not have to appear in court to complete the divorce if minor children are not involved. But, the decision of whether you must appear in court to complete an uncontested Camden County divorce is up to the judge.

If there must be a hearing to complete the case, we will appear at the hearing with you at no additional cost to you. Camden County is part of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit.

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  7. That means that the judge to whom your case is assigned may actually be in Brunswick instead of Woodbine. As part of our representation in your case, we take care of all filings and other communications and coordination with the Court and Clerk.

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    5. This makes the process seamless and easy for you. Of course, we also prepare all of the documents necessary for your uncontested Camden County divorce. Once we have prepared all of the documents for the uncontested divorce, we send them to you usually by email with full instructions for review and signing.

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      After you and your spouse have signed all of the documents, you send us the signed original divorce documents. We handle all communications and coordination with the Clerk and the Court for you. You will not have to be concerned whether the documents are correct or what the next step is in your divorce. We take care of the details for you in completing your uncontested divorce as soon as legally possible.

      We e-file all of the uncontested divorce documents in Camden County divorce cases. E-filing helps us get your divorce case to and through the Camden County court system faster than with manual filing. This helps us complete your divorce sooner so that you can get on with your life more quickly.

      Occasionally, couples simply lose track of each other after separating and one wants to simply get divorced.

      A special kind of uncontested divorce is possible in this situation. The cost of a publication divorce is a little higher and takes a little longer because of the extra steps that must be taken. But, you still can get the divorce even if you cannot locate or contact your spouse. We recognize that an uncontested divorce is simply not possible in every Camden County divorce situation.