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To find more friends to add, you can upload your contacts from your mobile phone or email accounts. People You May Know suggestions come from things like having friends in common with someone, being in the same Facebook group or your networks.

How to Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends

Learn more about why you can't add someone as a friend. Was this information helpful? How do I unfriend or remove a friend on Facebook? How do I finish creating my Facebook account and confirm my email or mobile phone number? How do I temporarily deactivate my Facebook account? With Address Book open, things get easy.

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Select all the VCF file from the Yahoo Contacts export that you just pulled down to your computer and drag and drop them into Address book. If duplicate entries exist, Address Book will prompt you to determine if you want to select one and remove the other or merge the entries. He loves helping others get more out of their devices! Subscribe to Maciverse. Apple does of course get location data for your devices how else would it show you where they are?

Apple receives location information only when you actively locate your device, mark it as lost, or enable Send Last Location. Nobody else, not even Apple, can identify and track your devices this way.

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And you can share your location for just one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. When you sign into your Apple ID on your device, it automatically enables certain features, including Find My [device]. Open Settings , and then tap on your Apple ID at the top.

Get The Email Addresses Of All Your Facebook Friends!

You can also choose whether to share your location with others, including when making requests of Siri or to trigger location-based automations in the Home app. Select iCloud on the left, and scroll down through the list of apps using iCloud to make sure that Find My Mac is selected.

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Sharing your location is simple. In fact, for all functions, the app works essentially the same on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, just with slightly different interface layouts. The iPhone has a bottom bar, the iPad a floating window on a map, and the Mac has a left-side navigation bar. If they have multiple phone numbers or email addresses, be sure to use the one associated with their Apple ID, just as if you were going to send them an iMessage. To stop sharing your location with someone, tap their name on your People list, and scroll down to select Stop Sharing My Location.

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Under the Me tab, you can control how your location is shared. You can choose to stop sharing your location, and if you have multiple iPhones, you can decide which one should be used to represent your location to others.

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You can toggle the ability to receive friend requests or decide whether you want to receive location updates from everyone, or just those who you have also shared your location with. Finally, you can label your current location Home, Work, School, Gym, or your own custom label.

You can make it emit a loud sound. Select the device from the Devices tab, then tap the Play Sound button.

Why Do We Need Their Emails Anyway?

If you lose your device, you can use Find My on another one of your Apple devices to mark it as lost.