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In order to be able to register a scooter in NJ and presumably in other states , the manufacturer must be approved, meaning it has been certified as making a product which conforms to US safety and emission standards. All chinese scooter manufacturers have a WMI code that starts with the letter "L".

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Taiwanese scooter manufacturer's codes start with a two letter sequence from "RF" to "RK". Codes that start with a "4" or a "5" should be US manufacturers. I'm sure it's not complete and I don't see fairly well known "brands" such as "Tank" or "Lifan" on there, so I'm not sure how they handle those.

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Perhaps they are just "brands", not actually the manufacturers. However even in this approved list, you can see that there are a LOT of chinese scooter manufacturers, most of whom you will never have heard of.

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What names they actually put on the scooters I don't know. I'm pretty sure that "L" represents China.. Mar 24, GMT Honda SH ZDC Italy.

Apr 18, GMT Aug 5, GMT Bong Great Big Guru Dawg. Oct 17, GMT Ok Mine is not on the list.

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Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Company. Bluefront is watching Rev, Bong our father of the gurgling water.

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Nov 1, GMT Nov 18, GMT Nine of my scoots were built before the 's when the current VIN system came into being, thus those old scoots just have 5 or 6 serial number digits with no letters. That doesn't present any obstacle in registering and titling them in Arkansas or in Vermont, too.

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Hammerspur Great Big Dawg. Jan 23, GMT See Ya' There!

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Feb 19, GMT I think it's a model. Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co. Jun 1, GMT They look like a clone of the Honda XRM's they sell overseas. It is in transit now and I should get it this week.

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I will try to post my experience here. Call me the guinea pig hahaha. Jun 2, GMT Dan Jun 5, GMT Don New Puppy Dawg Posts: 2. Posts: Alsenor Great Big Guru Dawg at 70 - back in the saddle again!

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